Saturday, 15 June 2024 - 07:57 pm
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DIY Garage Door Repair

DIY Garage Door Repair Tips

If you live in the US or anywhere in the modern world, then chances are that you have a garage with an automated garage door. While these are quite easy to use, they can often need repair and maintenance. This can be quite costly, so we will be looking at a few ways that you can do some minor repairs yourself and save some money.

Each garage door is mainly made up of two parts, the actual door and opener. It is possible for you to repair both and we will start by looking at how you can repair the door. The door basically works due to spring tension and the door glides up the tracks in order to open and then down the tracks to close. The main issue that occurs with garage doors is that it may have issues going up or down the track.

If you are encountering this difficulty, the first thing that you should do is check the screws along the track. Many of them become loose, so all you have to do is tighten them. If all the screws are tightened, then you should further examine the tracks to determine if there are any dents, flat spots or crimps. If there are, then you should simply smooth it out using a hammer or rubber mallet.

Another common issue with garage doors is that the tracks can get dirty quite often, causing the door to function improperly. All you need to do is use a household cleaner to remove any dirt or grease from the tracks, especially if it has hardened.

In closing, it is quite simple to repair and maintain a garage door and avoid costly repair bills. All it takes is a little research and experimentation and I am sure that you can fix almost any problem that may occur.